Reformer Pilates Central Coast

Are you searching for an alternative to mat-based Pilates? Reformer Pilates Central Coast might be what you need. This workout routine incorporates a reformer machine that uses springs to adjust the intensity of your exercises. You can modify the spring settings to perform more demanding movements that engage your muscles to their maximum capacity. Additionally, the reformer machine features a pulley system that enables you to execute various exercises that focus on your entire body, not just your core, for a comprehensive full-body workout.

A Pilates Reformer workout is a good option if you have different medical conditions. It is a low-impact strength training that can help with pre and postnatal conditioning, improve joint mobility, ease lower back pain, correct posture, increase core strength, enhance athletic performance, and aid in rehabilitation.

One person only

60 minutes $80

Reformer Pilates Central Coast
Pilates Classes Central Coast

Mat Pilates

Our certified instructor provides personalized Pilates workout sessions exclusively at our fully private studio on the Central Coast in Wyoming.

Our trainers are experts in helping you activate your deep core muscles, even if it feels difficult at first. When you learn how to engage your core, you can improve your posture, reduce discomfort, and increase your ability to do daily activities like sitting or standing for long periods of time. These activities can sometimes put stress on your body, but with a strong core, you can support your body in any situation.

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Maximum of 2 people for 60 minutes sessions only

1 person $80 pp
2 people $60 pp