Online Training

At Urban Personal Training, we offer a wide range of services that can be accessed online, providing you with the flexibility to continue your training, even if you are unable to visit us in person.

Many of our clients, who are unable to train with us in person, appreciate this option. We are committed to supporting you, whether you choose to train with us face-to-face or online.

With our ability to see and interact with you, we can guide you every step of the way, ensuring that you exercise safely and effectively. 

Professional Advice

We are always with you whether that be face to face or online.  Because we can see and talk to each other we are with you every step of the way to ensure you are exercising in an effective and safe manner. 


It can be challenging to fit fitness into your busy schedule due to the limited number of hours in a day. However, online personal training is ideal as it offers flexibility that suits your needs.

Whether you prefer to work out early on Saturdays or after picking up your kids from school, we can adjust to suit your schedule. Rest assured that we will work around your availability.

Communication is Easy

In our modern era, the digital world has made it possible for people to connect easily through technology. With just a click on a link, you can have immediate access to your training.

We’ll arrange your session and provide you with an email containing all the necessary details. We can also send you some instructions to help you get started. 

Attention and Motivation

Online personal training can sometimes be perceived as demotivating since you’re not physically present with your trainer. However, this assumption is not true.

While personal drive is important to get the most out of any training program, it’s our responsibility to keep in touch and ensure that you don’t let yourself down. Whether it’s a quick text or an hour-long Zoom session, we’ll do whatever it takes to keep you on track.

Our friendly yet firm approach remains the same, even if we don’t see our clients in person. If you begin to lose motivation or put less effort into your training, we’ll reach out to you and address the root cause of the issue.