Over 50 Group Exercise Classes

50+ Group Exercise Classes

Joining Urban Personal Training’s 50+ group exercise classes is an excellent choice to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Our services will improve your mental and physical well-being, and your overall quality of life. Trust us to help you achieve your health goals and experience the benefits of an active lifestyle.

We expertly crafted our group fitness classes to cater to the needs of individuals aged 50 and above. We tailor the movements to match their pace and offer a diverse range of training styles and exercises that can be easily adjusted. With our program, older adults can enjoy a safe and effective way to stay fit and active.

The 50+ Group exercise classes at Gosford Golf Club have been a popular choice for attendees for many years. Individuals in their senior years can attend our expertly designed 50+ Group exercise classes every Thursday at 10:00 am at Gosford Golf Club. These classes promote their health and fitness by providing gentle to moderate exercise.

Our instructors are not only highly experienced and qualified but also incredibly supportive. They always bring a positive attitude to the classes each week, making sure that every session is fun and exciting and achievable for all fitness levels.

50+ group exercise classes are designed with older participants in mind and incorporate:

Strength and Weight Training:

Strength training helps older adults with chronic diseases like arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, and back pain. It relieves symptoms and improves health.

Endurance Training:

Endurance training strengthens and improves cardiorespiratory function. It strengthens muscles, heart, bones, joints, and lungs, improving movement.

Flexibility Training:

Improving flexibility through exercise can strengthen muscles and enhance blood flow, making movement easier. It can also improve posture and reduce discomfort in the spine and core muscles.

Balance & Coordination:

Balance and coordination exercises reduce falls in older people, improve stability, and enhance mental functioning.

Over 50 Group Exercise Classes

Our fitness classes for older adults are a surefire way to achieve a healthier and happier you. Not only will you experience a wide range of health benefits, but you’ll also be embraced by an inviting and amiable atmosphere. It’s never too late to start taking care of your body and improving your overall well-being.

Join us for a fun-filled adventure with a variety of activities that are sure to keep you entertained. Our hour-long sessions are suitable for people of all skill levels, whether you prefer standing or sitting. We have included warm-up and cool-down stretches to ensure a complete workout. You will feel energized and refreshed after our thrilling adventure. 

Feel free to read the guidance on exercise for older Australians on the Department of Health and Aged Care website.

The cost per class is $10


Gosford Golf Club
22 Racecourse Road, Gosford
Thursday 10:00 am – 11:00 am