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Fitness for Older Adults

Fitness for Older Adults

Fitness for Older Adults. Group fitness classes.

Fitness for Older Adults is extremely important as being as healthy and active as you can assists you to live independently and prevent things like falls.

Falls can happen anytime in life, but aging increases the chances of it occurring. Yet, it is crucial to comprehend that falls can be prevented, irrespective of one’s age. This is a reassuring fact!

A fall can rob you of years of independence and fulfilment in just a split second. When leaving your home, its important to keep the following crucial reminders in mind.

How to stay active as we age

To ensure we have longer and healthier lives than our predecessors, we must prioritize remaining physically and mentally active. As we age, it’s common to experience a decline in energy, muscle strength, and motivation to engage in physical activities. However, it’s crucial to understand that staying physically active is highly beneficial for our overall well-being. It helps us stay in good shape and plays a significant role in delaying or preventing cognitive decline.

Engaging in physical activity for most days of the week is crucial. It’s highly recommended to include exercises that improve both strength and balance. This will make daily tasks easier, reduce the risk of falls, and help maintain our independence. Participating in group activities is also essential for maintaining physical fitness, social connections, and overall happiness. Urban Personal Training offers a variety of group fitness classes for older adults that specifically target the areas that are most important.

Living Longer Living Stronger

Living Longer Living Stronger designed by Council On The Ageing (COTA) is a progressive strength and balance program designed to improve your strength, balance, mobility and improve overall fitness for older adults. It doesn’t matter if you have never done an exercise class before, or if you are relatively unfit.

You will have an individual assessment and program but will take part in a class that is designed for people of all levels of ability. Through regular attendance you will gradually increase the level of work you do to develop your strength.

We run a number of classes on the Central Coast at 4 different locations.

Over 50 Group Fitness Classes

In addition to the Living Longer Living Stronger program we also run a group fitness class.

Our group fitness classes for older adults are exclusively tailored for individuals aged 50 and above. We have meticulously selected a range of training styles and exercises that can be modified to cater to their specific pace and requirements. Our program provides a secure and efficient means for older adults to maintain their fitness and stay active in a safe a nurturing environment.


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