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Cardio Carb Killer

Cardio Carb Killer

Aerobic exercises before weight training is not recommended

Weight training should be prioritized over cardio or aerobic exercise to burn fat and achieve optimal results efficiently. Although cardio can serve as a quick warm-up, it’s not as effective to lead with it before weight training.

Too much cardio can quickly deplete your glycogen stores, leading to exhaustion and negatively impacting your weight training performance.

It’s crucial to understand that glycogen is the primary source of fuel for the first 20 minutes of exercise. Starting with cardio or aerobic exercises may deplete your glycogen levels, leaving you without enough fuel for weight training. To achieve better results, it’s recommended to start your workout with weight training and save cardio for later. This way you’ll have enough energy for both exercises and increase the likelihood of success.

If you’re looking to exercise, it’s recommended that you prioritize weight training over cardio or aerobic activities. This is because weight training helps to use up the glycogen stored in your muscles, which in turn leads to more effective fat-burning during cardio sessions. Starting with weight training can enhance your workout results when combined with cardio exercises. This method is highly effective in burning fat post-workout. 

Weight training before Cardio

Incorporating weight training and cardio exercises is an effective strategy for losing weight and reducing body fat, especially if you’re preparing for a competition. However, the sequence in which you perform your workouts is crucial to fully maximize the benefits of both types of training.

Starting with an intense cardio session may not be the most ideal approach to reach your full workout potential. Prioritizing weight training builds muscle, elevates your metabolism, and burns calories more efficiently. This enables you to optimize your cardio session by utilizing the energy built up from your weight training routine.  In turn, helping you burn more calories and shed fat more effectively.

Our professional instructors at Urban Personal Training can help you with the right balance of weight training and cardio. Trust us to help you to reach your full potential.


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